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HEROES Augmented Art & Collectibles



XBINARY gave a new dimension to Kris Ruhs' original paint and pencil on paper drawings of “creatures” by transforming, animating, and providing a voice to them :

“ I can be Hero ! "


Discover the FIRST DISPLAY of 14 HEROES turned into "singles", "duet," and "quartet" during Heroes Exhibition at Fondazione Sozzani from April 1st.

Get ready for an immersive and unique experience !!!

CHORUS All Heroes.gif


In two years of isolation, Kris Ruhs began a series of “creatures” with a mythological flavour.  According to Kalokagathìa, a hero is a demigod.  They could be a child of divinity and a mortal person, endowed with great beauty. Ruhs' Creatures as Heroes are living beings, seemingly suspended in a moment of transition before revealing their human nature to us.

Our universal reality, held in their unrecognized shapes, is expressed with a cry that claims dignity, despite their appearance. 

Their great soulfulness always reflected in their qualities as a Hero.

Heroes by Kris Ruhs


The belief in the ongoing presence of the artist in any multiple, no matter the media, has created a curiosity to explore the potential of the virtual artisan and the world of NFTs. 

NFT offers a new mutual witnessing between art, artist, and owner undreamed a decade ago.  

Ruhs sees this increase of viewing options as a natural extension of his work. This ongoing dialogue between the artist, his materials, and the infinite depth of the reality in which he participates leads Ruhs to use digital "material," which he has adapted to his imaginative process.

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